The physical damage from any disaster can be costly – the damage to your normal flow of business is devastating. Your business depends on your customers. The sooner you are back in business the less impact to your businesses' future cliental.

That's why you need a professional adjuster, commercial claims are complicated and the insurance policies can be +300 pages long. We are versed in these policies. We look at all of your coverages. Each individual coverage, endorsement & policy limit is addressed and applied to your loss along with the repair process to assure that your are paid the correctly and fully.

The claim process sometimes demands expert such as Industrial Consultants, Structural Engineers. Experts in specific types of construction, experts for State Building Codes, International Building Codes, energy, electrical, fire, environmental & hazmat consultants. We also have available expert accountants to determine business interruption and inventory specialist to itemize your business property inventory loss.  

That's what we're here for. We are professional insurance adjusters who work on your behalf so that your claim is paid fully and properly.

If your business has experienced damage or interruption as the result of any disaster - especially winter storm disasters, we're here to help.

Our team provides the expertise and resources you need to get the most out of your loss claim.

Here's what we do:

So, if your commercial properties suffer casualty or loss, call Meiyssel public insurance adjusters in Tyler today.

Winter Storm Loss

If your home or business suffered an insurance loss related to the record breaking freezing temperatures in East Texas in February 2021's snow storm, call Meiyssel Insurance Service for help with maximum compensation for your weather-related claim. Many people suffered from broken pipes, leaking roofs and even collapse of structures. 


Today, many Americans in the Southern states like Texas share a concern about hurricanes – especially with a few deadly storms still lingering in recent memory.

As a result, hurricane insurance policies have greatly grown in number, especially in Texas and the Gulf of Mexico. The sad truth is that most hurricane insurance claims are paid out at a less amount than what is needed to make the property whole again. 

That's why it's always best practice for insurance policyholders to hire a public insuranc adjuster when faced with hurricane damage.

Wind or Hail Damage

Straightline winds and hail can strike during any storm – even in the warmer months of the year.

The effects of high winds and hail can range from damaged roofs and broken windows, to ruined HVAC systems and severe interior damage.

Don't let your insurance company underestimate the damage caused by hail. If your business suffers from the effects of a hailstorm, contact our team of public adjusters to ensure you're compensated fairly. We have experience and knowledge to help you recover the maximum amount needed.

Water Damage

One of the most common reasons for insurance claims is water damage.

Plumbing pipes burst as the result of Winter freezes and water pressure. We in East Texas know how devestating this can be, in light of the recent snow storms of February 2021. If freezing temperatures happen, it can wreak havoc on your structure. Consider the point that all the expensive stuff such as cabinets is on the floor.  We have the tools required for the job such as infrared cameras, moisture meters to locate your water damage in hidden areas such as cabinets and interior walls.

But water damage comes in many different forms and degrees of severity. Insurance companies know these forms and degrees and may shortchange you on your claim if you don't have the watchful eye of a public adjuster nearby.

Fire Damage

For many home and business owners alike, fire damage can be a worst nightmare.

Not only can fire completely destroy property – it can also seriously destabilize an overall structure and leave long-lasting effects through smoke damage and heat damage and soot.

Sometimes it may be difficult to justify a fire as a total loss to an insurance company. Fires that do not completely destroy a structure are considered a  "partial loss". In other words, you should turn to the services of an experienced public adjuster like Meiyssel to maximize your claim in any fire damage situation. We also provide a detailed and  itemized inventory of your personal property to the insurance claims adjuster. 


It's not uncommon for individuals to lose their entire structures as a result of a tornado. Whether your home or business is gone completely or partially damaged, you still need an adjuster to access the damages correctly, compare your policy benefits and apply applicable coverages and extension of coverages & applicable depreciation.  

If you do suffer from partial loss after a tornado, some insurance providers will chalk up your claim to simple wind damage. This labeling may overlook many important aspects of your loss, such as business interruption, law and ordinance, and code requirements.

To receive a prompt and fair settlement, it's crucial that you as an insurance policy holder perform your duties and report your damages correctly. That's why you should take advantage of the services of a public insurance adjuster like us.

We are experienced in all perils:

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