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When you’re a victim of major disaster, our team will guarantee a diligent, professional representation. Reduce stress and anxiety with Meiyssel Insurance Services, supporting you in getting you what your policy states. We assess all damages. We know our way around the Insurance industry. Let us maximize your claim.

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Meiyssel Insurance Services - Tyler, Texas

Meiyssel Insurance Services is a team of professional public insurance adjusters dedicated to helping you navigate the complex world of the insurance industry in order to maximize your claim.

Because there are so many ways a natural disaster can strike, Meiyssel Insurance Services have all the resources and expertise necessary to help you handle your claim.

We handle a mixture of commercial and residential claims that come largely from client recommendations and word of mouth. Our policy adjusters scrutinize insurance policies to assure proper compensation, record keeping, and documentation for maximum recovery. We have a team of certified public accountants ready to adjust your business interruption and business inventory. Together we can help you with a fast, fair, and complete settlement.

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The company is owned by Lorinda Mikesell, a self-proclaimed Policy Buster and member of the National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (NAPIA) with certifications from State Farm, NFIP, HAAG, and numerous others. She revels in the opportunity to represent the underdog and help her clients to better understand their insurance policies.

Meiyssel Insurance Services in Tyler, TX will fight to keep you in control of your investment and your finances. We won’t let you become yet another underpaid statistic.

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If disaster strikes,
who will be there to fight for you?

When disaster strikes — fire, tornado, hurricane, flood, mold, or other insured perils — settling the claim can be as challenging as the disaster itself.
Have you suffered property damage to your home or business? Who will be there to fight for you to insure that you receive a fair settlement?
After our adjuster assesses your damages, a comprehensive claim is prepared. We present this claim to your insurance company & negotiate the best possible settlement for you.
We represent ONLY YOU, the insured. Unlike staff adjusters or independent adjusters who represent the insurance company's interests, we are dedicated to serving ONLY YOU.